Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sorry, I'm on "tican time"

Ahhhh...I am SO behind on blogging! I'm sorry that I have been incredibly absent lately. I'm trying to take advantage of the rest of my time here while keeping up with school and blogging keeps getting put on the back burner. I cannot believe that it is already November! My parents will be here on the 26th and I will be back in the U.S. in just over a month. For now, however, I am just trying to enjoy my time here by living in the moment because the time has already gone by quickly enough. So that I can hopefully get back on track, I'll give you a few highlights since the last time I wrote.

1) I learned how to surf from my Hawaiian friend, Caitlin, when I took a trip to the Pacific coast in Guanacaste.

2) I went on a class trip to Perez in the south near the Panama border, which was...interesting to say the least.

3) I zip-lined over the canopy in Monteverde, where I also saw a sloth (finally!) and a tarantula in the wild.

4) I have begun to learn choreography in my dance class for our public performance on November 25th.

5) With the help of my mama tica, I dressed up as a Greek Goddess for a Halloween party.

Until my parents come, I have a lot of school work - final projects, papers, and exams - plus just trying to enjoy the rest of my time here with my family and all of the friends I have made. I'm staying in Heredia this coming weekend, but I'm planning on going to Bocas del Toro (islands just across the border with Panama) the weekend on the 12th and the weekend after that is our last ISEP excursion.

For this last month, I will do my best to update more regularly. Hasta pronto!

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